Enlightenment + Domestic Relations = Published McSweeney's Piece

Must've touched a (good) nerve.

Must've touched a (good) nerve.

My most recent McSweeney's Internet Tendency submission--You Seem Distant Since I've Attained Enlightenment--has proven a hit with Facebook and Twitter users, garnering 1.2K likes and 110 tweets, respectively. (See below for the social media love this generated.)

Click to read it in its entirety. How autobiographical is it? I never meditate and tell, but f you like it, please spread the word among your social media circle. Happy meditating.

What the Twittersphere (I feel weird saying that) is saying about "You Seem Distant Since I've Attained Enlightenment."

And that's just a smattering. Thanks, everyone. Glad you like it.