It's been my good fortune to work with everyone from great managers to super creatives, conscientious coworkers to visionary entrepreneurs. Some of my collaborators have been nice enough to put their thoughts about me into words. (Emphasis is mine.)

Jonathan Cottrell, CEO at User10:

Brian is an absolute gem. I've never met anyone who worked so hard at communicating so precisely. His ability to communicate effectively across such a variety of mediums and industries is a rare find, and I have gone so far as to even try and find projects that we can work on together due to my great satisfaction working with him. He's a true professional, with wit and words to offer anybody smart enough to hire him.

Mark Yoshimoto Nemcoff, Founder/President at Glenneyre Press:

Brian Dunn is a very creative and talented writer and thinker with a ton of smarts and a great work ethic. An incredibly good guy, Brian is one of those people who really gives you his work and passion and does it with a great attitude. I would absolutely want Brian on my team, no matter where I went. Trust me, this guy is a rare talent, an absolute genius who also knows how to handle criticism. He definitely knows how to write and how to communicate ideas and make them sound fresh. I can't recommend him highly enough.

Barb Backes, Senior User Experience Designer at Scottrade

I’ve developed a great appreciation for well written content as part of a holistic strategy through my experience working in the User Experience field. Brian Dunn is one of the best content partners I’ve had the pleasure of working with. With every project, Brian’s empathetic approach ensures the content he provides resonates with the end-user to support their online tasks in an informative manner. His previous experience as a software developer provides a solid foundation of logic and order which he brings to this writing style. His willingness to actively collaborate with teams is invaluable when creating straightforward experiences. Through his tenure at Go Daddy, Brian has continually moved upward as he applied his great talent to any additional responsibilities assigned. Through my time working with Brian as part of the Go Daddy User Experience team, he’s proven to be an excellent design ally to work with. Any team would be very lucky to have an opportunity to work with Brian.

Jon Reily, User Experience Leader:

rian is a top-notch copywriter who has the rare combination of imagination and reliability. He can distill complicated, tech heavy processes into simple instructions that even a beginner could understand, and do it with humor so they user doesn't feel like they're reading technical instructions.
So often writers fall into a certain 'bucket' where they are not comfortable venturing out into new territory; Brian will never be that guy. Having written everything from hard code for software development, to easy-to-understand technical manuals, to fun and zany creative work; he covers the full spectrum and would be a great creative utility player for any organization. Down to earth and easy to deal with, he's a great addition to any team as a seasoned professional who can not only add hard skills to an organization, but also augments it with his quick wit, quiet leadership and overall good nature.
If Brian ever decided to come to Seattle, I could find him a role in a heartbeat. You'd be wise to do the same.

Justin Qualler, Technical Writer/Speaker/Published Author:

I was able to work with Brian on a few projects at Go Daddy. During those projects I learned that Brian is incredibly organized, meticulous with details, and capable of consistent, high quality production. Aside from being a talented writer, he's also capable of coaching and helping other writers. Brian has the mark of a true professional--he solicits feedback on his work, practices and hones his craft, and is passionate about what he produces.

Naomi Garnice, Creative Services Manager/Content Marketing/Creative & Brand Strategy:

Brian is a pleasure to work with and a skilled content strategist. Not only is he an extremely talented, multi-faceted writer, he's also an organized manager, keeping priorities on schedule. The consummate professional, Brian is gifted with natural leadership abilities and a fantastic sense of humor that puts everyone at ease. I learned a great deal from Brian and would love the opportunity to work with him again.

Tim Cothron, User Experience Research Specialist:

Brian is an excellent technical writer. He skillfully communicates complex interactions and procedures in simple, easy-to-understand language and steps. Brian's willingness to work collaboratively and his keen sense of humor make him a great co-worker.